Life is what happens when you are busy making plans

Well the saying "life is what happens when you are busy making plans", couldn't be more true for us these days! We've made a lot of plans for the next 5 months....and a lot of them we aren't able to do right now. Plan for now was to live here in SLT (South Lake Tahoe) for 5 weeks and go snowboarding every day....exploring Heavenly, Kirkwood, Squaw/Alpine, Northstar. After all we have both Epic and Ikon passes (!!!). happened. Nik has minimal use of his arms currently and my foot stress fracture seems to be rearing its grisly head again. Like that word? I originally had the word ugly but then looked up synonyms because I felt ugly didn't describe how I felt about it well enough. Grisly means causing horror or disgust, haha! Thats how this foot pain limits my ability to simply walk outside in the beautiful trees and snow without feeling pain! :( Ok my sob story is over.

Sage and his Daddy still manage to cuddle (Photo courtesy of Mark Altenberg)

Last week we had the pleasure of Sage's grandparents Mark and Barb visiting. It was great to have their company and of course Mark got some great photos. Barb was very helpful to us around the house picking up Nik's slack. :) It was nice to have Sage get extra cuddles and love. We made an amazing "Zuppa Tuscanini" soup in the instant pot, yum! Theres a funny story about that soup...I'll save that for another day. But it involves my mom and her gift of turning ordinary words into funny ones!

Sage and his Omama (Photo courtesy of Mark Altenberg)

So lately our lives have been incredibly low key. Not exactly how we "planned" for them to be while here in Tahoe...but life happened! Our days usually consist of one outing with the whole family (Lucy and Sage in tow), to the grocery store, post office, the library, a local cafe (Sprouts Cafe is our new favorite and we already know the manager by name!), and/or usually the local brewery. We've discovered an amazing small brewery thats < 2 miles from our house (score!) called "Sidellis" which makes great tasting beer and has great staff. We are also on a first name basis with several of the staff there and the chef loves giving Sage crackers.

Kids zone at our favorite place "Sprouts Cafe"

One saving grace is that the temps here have been a bit high which means for often rain in town and probably wet Sierra Cement on the mountain...not the best riding conditions. So we tell ourselves we aren't missing out on much.

Nik see's the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow where he will hopefully get a cast for his wrist and the final answer that he does not need surgery (we are hoping!). So please keep your fingers crossed...or thumbs pressed as Nik says!

If anyone has any suggestions for activities or places for us to check out in Tahoe please comment here!


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