Whistler was amazing! The people there are so nice. It's very international with tons of people from Australia, NZ, Ireland, England. The skiable terrain is MASSIVE and there is no way you can ride it all in one day. The conditions were spring skiing ideal at their best. Sunny and blue clear skies for days with vast mountain range views. Between Sage's Omama and Opapa (Gramps) and a local babysitting service we were able to ride together a lot! Shout out to Mama Ba aka Omama aka Barb for being my custom boot fitter (thats actually her job at California ski Co in Berkeley! score!) and helping make my feet not be in such excruciating pain.
We also got to get in some quality time with the Dillmann’s, Nik’s Aunt, Uncle and cousins from Michigan. Those girls are freaking machines! They ski all day (they average 30,000 vertical feet) and then go on a 5 mile run after the lifts close. I mean talk about fitness goals!? Nik and I could do one top to bottom run (5,000 vertical ft), and sort of be ready to call it a day after that…haha, or at least take a break.

Atop the mountain, great view of the black tusk

Barb is such an avid skier! All day everyday :)

Breakfast time!

Apres time!

Black Tusk and an Inukshuk 

Sister pics!

We had an awful view here 

Dillman Altenberg gang!

Mark was a bird whisperer :)

So was Nik!

We flew back from Whistler and had a hotel in SD the night before we could pick up our RV. After a long day of traveling (oh and by the way the drive to and from Vancouver airport to Whistler is one of the most beautiful drives we have ever seen!! Got to see a bald eagle!), we had just enough time to check in to our hotel (thanks again Christina for working for Marriot and helping us out!!), eat, give Sage a bath (pic below), and get him to sleep.

Happy bath time boy! In a hotel room sink haha

The next morning was another long haul day, get Subrina/pick up RV/pick up Lucy from dog watcher/go to storage unit and reorganize stuff and pack RV/eat dinner/find place to camp/set up camp. Phew! Super exhausting. We ended up getting a beachfront spot at a beach on Camp Pendleton which was such a bonus.

We made it into the RV!

Beach RV spot..thank you Camp Pendleton! 

More to come again tomorrow!


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