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Santa Barbara/Point Mugu/Lone Pine

This was written a few days ago... After getting back from Whistler we had the pleasure and honor to drive up to Santa Barbara to see some amazing folks get hitched. Mike and Lisa are now MR. AND MRS. SCHAFER!! And damn did they look good. 'Twas a great time for all.  Gorgeous wedding of Mike and Lisa at the Santa Barbara Courthouse We cleaned up for the occasion :) So did Sage! Dapper litter man in his first tie :) Hanging in the hotel grassy area with other kids Who knew how fun a water bottle could be? Off to Naval Base Point Mugu where we scored another beachfront RV spot with hookups. Ended up extending for 3 nights as it was nice to finally enjoy the RV and get it organized better. Plus one of the days was a total wash because there was a massive wind storm (part of a national advisory!), it was so windy we couldn’t be outside. Might as well have been snowed in. Was still fun though to have quality time with our little family un


Whistler was amazing! The people there are so nice. It's very international with tons of people from Australia, NZ, Ireland, England. The skiable terrain is MASSIVE and there is no way you can ride it all in one day. The conditions were spring skiing ideal at their best. Sunny and blue clear skies for days with vast mountain range views. Between Sage's Omama and Opapa (Gramps) and a local babysitting service we were able to ride together a lot! Shout out to Mama Ba aka Omama aka Barb for being my custom boot fitter (thats actually her job at California ski Co in Berkeley! score!) and helping make my feet not be in such excruciating pain. We also got to get in some quality time with the Dillmann’s, Nik’s Aunt, Uncle and cousins from Michigan. Those girls are freaking machines! They ski all day (they average 30,000 vertical feet) and then go on a 5 mile run after the lifts close. I mean talk about fitness goals!? Nik and I could do one top to bottom run (5,000 vertical ft), and

Overdue update/end of South Lake Tahoe leg/Passport saga

We are way overdue for an update here. We will summarize briefly and share some of the more funny or unusual stories over the next few days. First heres a picture of Sage riding in a swing for the first time :) This outfit had a billion snaps at the bottom....aint nobody got time for that Here's some favorite South Lake Tahoe photos...(we had some great visitors!!) He learned how to stand up and cruise on furniture while in Lake Tahoe We made a day trip to our favorite place and where we got married, Sugar Bowl! Sunny Tahoe days In his full snowsuit garb Lakeside walk with Sage Grandpa Mancini visited us! On gondola to Sugar Bowl Village Lunch with Grandpa Uncle Zak and Aunt Laura visited! At Emerald Bay Emerald Bay Team MIL DIL! (Mother in Law Daughter in Law) :) Views for days at Heavenly St Patrick's Day with Aunt JoJo! Health/injury updates (kind of sad that this is a