Santa Barbara/Point Mugu/Lone Pine

This was written a few days ago...

After getting back from Whistler we had the pleasure and honor to drive up to Santa Barbara to see some amazing folks get hitched. Mike and Lisa are now MR. AND MRS. SCHAFER!! And damn did they look good. 'Twas a great time for all. 

Gorgeous wedding of Mike and Lisa at the Santa Barbara Courthouse

We cleaned up for the occasion :)

So did Sage! Dapper litter man in his first tie :)

Hanging in the hotel grassy area with other kids

Who knew how fun a water bottle could be?

Off to Naval Base Point Mugu where we scored another beachfront RV spot with hookups. Ended up extending for 3 nights as it was nice to finally enjoy the RV and get it organized better. Plus one of the days was a total wash because there was a massive wind storm (part of a national advisory!), it was so windy we couldn’t be outside. Might as well have been snowed in. Was still fun though to have quality time with our little family unit all together. 

Our spot at Point Mugu, steps from the sand! Before the wind came

Checkin out the beach...we saw 2 Sea Lions!

Yes hes playing with beer cans, don't judge

Morning view

Today we left Point Mugu and got to Lone Pine. Found a great spot here in Alabama Hills which is an awesome BLM recreational land area that has quite the front row epic view of Mount Whitney and these awesome rock formations. So far so good! Except for once we got Sage down a storm rolled in (as I am typing this now) and looks like we have another scarily windy night (the RV is swaying back and forth and I personally am legitimately scared we might get blown over) which is making us both laugh at the luck/hilarity/irony of the situation. Nothing can be perfect I guess.

Found a spot and set up Sage's play area! Yay for hands free moments

Pano of the mountains and our camping spot

Morning view, Mt Whitney!

Again, the beautiful mountains!

Family hike selfie :)

Tomorrow or maybe the day after that we will head to Mammoth and camp there for an indefinite period of time. Initial plan was to drive to Utah and maybe even Colorado but we are currently enjoying just going with the flow and not getting stressed out about a schedule or plan!


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