Niklas Scissorhands

Whelp, my finger and arm are broken...

But not before an excellent day of riding with Jon Kulpit. We shredded an ultimate blue bird powder day at Heavenly and the conditions were most excellent. At the end of day (we were literally headed back to the car which was parked on the California side) I ended up falling into a tree well and hitting a massive pine tree. It has been a very humbling experience, I was lucky to escape with minimal injuries and should be able to ride again soon. The major bummer is the fractured left radius and right middle finger leaves me feeling like Edward Scissorhands, which also makes it hard to type. So sorry for the lack of blog updating!

The view on the traverse from the California side to the Nevada side

Dipper Trees, Nevada Side

Sarah and Sage stayed behind with Sarah Prins and her two boys, Ray and Ivan. I’m going to hand the reigns over to Sarah here so she can tell you all about it. She will also type a lot faster and get this blog updated!

Snack time for the boys!

Watching their daddies leave for the day, cozy inside

A little outdoor jaunt with the kiddos

Well I guess Nik wants me to write something now. Suffice to say it sort of sucks to not have Nik's able bodied hands to help with Sage and other daily tasks. Add to the fact that I have a re-inflammation of my left foot pain in the same location which I experienced a fracture this last fall. Looks like for me a few weeks of limited weight bearing activities should make it go away (fingers majorly crossed on this one...both for me and Nik! haha)

Despite the frustrating physical setbacks, we had a great weekend with Sarah and Jon and the boys. It was sweet to see Sage be one of the boys and play along with them. And Sarah was such a help around the house. We enjoyed the hot tub, tromping through the snow, finding little sledding hills for the boys, and making cookies.

I have been looking for either an explanation for or some sort of lesson from our greater power as to why Nik and I are suffering these physical ailments and what I have gathered is that we are being taught about humility, vulnerability, our fragility, and to slow down and take it easy once in awhile! Nik's injuries could have been SO MUCH worse...(did anyone hear about the guy who died at Heavenly last week from an accident in the trees?)...and we have many blessings to count.

We will be back on the slopes as soon as it is safe and reasonable for us to do so. In the mean time we will find other activities to keep us busy....our little guy Sage and his ultimate cuteness and active self will keep us busy enough I think!

Sage waves hello!

Yep, you could say he's a bit of a handful


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