Drive to North Lake

Today we decided to take a day off from snowboarding/outdoor stuff and have a chill day. Got some yummy Indian food buffet (Sage loves naan! especially when its soaked in tikka masala sauce) and gawked at the icicles...I have never seen so many icicles!

The most impressive icicles in our neighborhood

Sage loves naan!

We then drove up the eastern side of the lake up to Incline Village. There is so much snow on the roads that the 2 lane highway is almost too narrow at times!

We decided to check out the Hyatt which is right along side the northeast shore of the Lake. We got some yummy adult beverages and enjoyed pretending like we were fancy hotel guests, haha!

Mother-Son photoshoot! :)

Nik is always able to tickle Sage and make him laugh

The restaurant view...not too shabby!


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